We work extremely hard to earn your business. Not only do we provide expert insurance coverage, but we also take the time to listen to the specific needs of your organisation. That’s the main reason why most of our valued clients choose us over others.

Not For Profit Insurance hopes to establish a similar relationship with you and your organisation. To get a clearer view of what we have to offer, see what some of our clients and supporters have to say about our insurance solutions and risk management consulting:

"The exceptional services and expertise offered by Not For Profit Insurance is commendable, as it gives non-profit organisations the opportunity to focus their limited resources solely on their mission. After repeated experiences, I can safely say that utilizing Not for Profit's Insurance Services will definitely bring you greater success in delivering your mission to the people you help."
S. Fitzgerald, CEO
"One of the best decisions we have ever made was to ask Not For Profit Insurance for insurance consulting. It was conducted in a friendly yet professional style, and was extremely thoughtful and thorough. More importantly, the consultation helped us identify and focus on numerous important issues that could prove damaging for the bottom-line of our organisation. The consultation was, hands down, worth every dollar as it allowed us to implement changes in our operations to ensure there are no obstructions whatsoever."
H. Smith, EO
"The services offered by Not For Profit Insurance have played a crucial role in the success of our Not-For-Profit organisation. Having immense day-to-day responsibilities, I have constantly relied on them to offer insurance products that meet the needs of our organization as effectively as possible. Moreover, their expert advice has been invaluable and professional! Thank you Not For Profit Insurance for making my life a lot less stressful."
M. Browne, Corporate Services Manager