Workers Compensation

Why Do You Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Your workers and employees play a critical role in helping your organisation achieve it’s ultimate goals and objectives. Their hard efforts ensure everything moves forward as needed. A key part of running your organisation is to keep your employees safe at work, however let’s face it, accidents in the workplace can and do occur! Whilst workers compensation is compulsory in most jurisdictions, that doesn’t mean that you should not ensure there is the coverage in place as required and ensure that the organisation honours their legal obligations in this regard.

Helping You Protect Your Employees

Workers Compensation Insurance is complicated. There are numerous regimes in place differing from state to state and territory to territory and with the policies issued by the various underwriters/agencies on behalf of the respective state/territory regulators under their own unique covers. Thanks to our understanding of this specialist area, Not For Profit Insurance can help you meet your legal and good governance requirements to have in place the correct workers compensation insurance.

Note: It’s important to remember the insurance policy only covers injuries sustained as a result of performing duties at work, or causally connected to the work and in many jurisdictions excludes transit from home to work (and vice versa) or on lunch breaks (a journey cover would be required), or, in some cases injuries that arise from activities outside the scope of employment. Similarly, voluntary workers are often excluded from cover under these workers compensation policies.

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