Vehicle Insurance

Why Do You Need Vehicle Insurance?

Vehicle accidents can and do happen. Even for the best of drivers, it sometimes seems like we are playing dodgem cars needing to take constant evasive action to avoid a collision. Add to this shopping trolleys and other bumps, scrapes and bumps that can affect our cars – even whilst parked, it is important to consider vehicle insurance. Factor in time off work or lost productivity whilst the cars are being repaired and it soon becomes self evident that consideration needs to be given to making sure that the policies really do suit your needs.

As what might initially appear to be a relatively minor incident can soon add up in “real” costs (such as the physical repair bill), let alone reputational damage, you must ensure that any broker acting on your behalf is genuinely on your side and works to promptly move a claim along to prevent it stagnating and costs increasing. Many not for profit organisations pass the vehicle keys to a volunteer and expect that their policy will automatically respond. This is not necessarily the case – you need a broker that understands NFP organisations and the specific issues that you come across.

To ensure maximum protection, it is highly recommended that not-for-profit and community organisations have vehicle insurance coverage – comprehensive insurance cover, as it can cover damages and losses to your own vehicles and third parties for property damages.

Coverage for Your Vehicles

Not For Profit Insurance Services understands that regardless of whether it’s just one vehicle or a fleet of 35+ vehicles, it’s costly to keep your vehicles on the road, The seemingly continuing cost of insurance doesn’t help – you need a broker who specialises in not for profit organisations and hence understands your unique exposures and concerns.

Through the range of insurers that we use, the policy features (can) include:

  • Third party liability ($20,000,000 to $30,000,000)
  • Windscreen cover (also including other fixed window glass)
  • Choice of repairer
  • Hire vehicle in the event of an accident
  • Employee’s Personal Property
  • Signwriting Included
  • No fault Excess for not at fault accidents

Please do note though that not all policies have all the above – it’s important we discuss what is and isn’t important to you so that we ensure the cover is consistent with your requirements.

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