Risk Management Services

Do You Need Risk Management Services?

While not-for-profit and community service organisations constantly work towards improving so many facets of our society, there are several unique risks and issues that need to be addressed along the way by charitable organisations. Your organisation may have to face substantial losses, affecting its bottom-line, and threatening its survival!

By implementing a risk management plan, you can protect your organisation from a number of risks or issues you may encounter – before they are encountered. This allows you to stand on solid footing knowing that there are appropriate protocols in place to look after the money donated to you, your assets, and most importantly your people such as injury to a staff member or volunteer. This is because risk management not only gives organisations contingency plans to deal with sudden risks, in many cases it can open new opportunities. It also provides effective methods and strategies to accurately assess the roadblocks – the risks involved in carrying on your organisation’s activities allowing you to plan your future endeavours with confidence. This in-depth analysis and awareness goes a long way to helping your organisation achieve its goals and objectives and not being derailed in the process.

Risk Management –The Advanced Way

Are you looking for guidance to ensure that you are on the right path? Not For Profit Insurance can help – we provide top-quality risk management services that can proactively protect your organisation from many things that might come your way!

It doesn’t matter if it’s assistance with events, board and committee due diligence or employee and volunteer procedures – our risk management methodology begins with risk identification, where we jointly evaluate and grade your exposure by taking a number of factors into account to help you prioritise and manage your risks using a matrix of severity vs. probability. This provides us the opportunity to share with you relevant insights based on loss history, best practices and industry benchmarks. We will then suggest risk improvement actions so you can avoid and mitigate the risks.

Risk Management Services

From on-site assessments to professional advice, we take great pride in offering a full range of risk management services, so, if you have been struggling in dealing with risks then our services are exactly what you need! We take the time to understand your needs and work with you closely to help you proactively protect your not for-profit organisation and make informed decisions that revolve around your risk management strategy.

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