Public and Product Liability Insurance

Do You Need Public and Product Liability Insurance?

Being a community organisation, you have certain responsibilities towards third parties. Being held liable however for injuries can impact your finances and reputation negatively, with claims reaching up to millions of dollars – sums that clearly most organisations simply cannot absorb.

Public and product liability insurance can provide you protection up to a specified limit in case a third party sues you for advertising injury, personal injury or damage to property due to an activity related to your organisation’s functions. In simple words, if you do something or fail to do something, and someone is injured, or their property is damaged in the process, as a result of your negligence, the policy will protect you and compensate the injured party on your behalf.

Helping You Better Protect Your Organisation

At Not For Profit Insurance, we can provide cover for limits of liability ranging from $5 million to $20 million and above. Depending on the amount you choose, the coverage will provide you protection against amounts you are liable to pay third parties due to an occurrence related with your organisation. The majority of public and products liability policies we issue are flexible public and product liability insurance programmes that provides you protection against compensation for:

  • Physical loss of property.
  • Personal injuries.
  • Unforeseeable circumstances resulting in the death of an individual.

At the same time, it is important for you to note the programmes may not provide you coverage for the cost of:

  • Financial losses to a person or business caused by your organisation.
  • Faulty products or mismanaged events as a result of bad workmanship.

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