Expert Insurance Coverage for Your Not-For-Profit Organisation

At Not For Profit Insurance Services, we understand the unique concerns and risks faced by Not-For-Profit and Community sector organisations. While such organisations dedicate their efforts to improve our community, unexpected losses such as theft, fire, or other property damage, an injury to a volunteer or harm caused to a third party customer (such as food poisoning at a fundraising BBQ) can threaten everything – even your organisations’ survival.

As insurance brokers that specialise in servicing not for profit organisations, we aim to provide protection and support to these hardworking organisations, and do so through our range of insurance services. It does not matter what industry you belong to, nor the number of employees or volunteers you have. Likewise, if you are operating across multiple jurisdictions (within Australia or abroad) or just in your own local neighbourhood, we can ensure expert insurance cover.

When you partner with us, we will tailor your insurance program according to the unique needs of your organisation and support you further with risk management consulting. So, if you are you in need of protection for your Not-For-Profit organisation or just not sure if your current insurer or insurance broker truly has your interest at heart (and not their own), or if you are not sure that your premiums are as competitive as possible, then it’s time that you considered Not for Profit Insurance Services.

We Have Got Your Organisation Covered!

You can count on us to create a plan that has everything your Not-For-Profit organisation requires, without rates that are too heavy on your budget. We provide protection for the following (main) areas:

Dealing with Risks

Organisations and their employees (including volunteers) are constantly exposed to risk, and to some extent, these risks are unavoidable. Therefore, effectively dealing with risks is crucial for the welfare and survival of your organisation. This includes self insuring, or transferring risks to insurance.